123werWe thought spring was coming but then we got a foot of snow! Go figure that’s MN for you. Many of you will be looking forward to getting into the fields. We are hoping for warm temps for our horse Vaccination and Coggins Clinic on April 18th, from 1-3pm at the Rice County Fairgrounds.  Everyone is welcomed.  We wish everyone a warm spring and hope you have a very nice Easter!

Transition Stress…. a downward spiral
What make the transition period such a threat?  In a word stress!  Or, more correctly, multiple stresses.  The start of lactation, changes of diet, environment, pen moves and other stressful elements can compromise immune function.  The transition period is when cows are most at risk to be culled from the herd due to disease.  For herds to remain profitable it is important to keep the cull rate for cows less then 60 days in milk to be less than 5%.

So what are some things producers can do to minimize the stresses on cows during the transition period and keep them productive members of the herd?
1.        Reducing the number of pen moves will reduce stress by keeping cows from having to establish                                     their rank in the new group multiple times.  Try to keep cows in a new pen for a minimum of 3                                     weeks.
2.        Providing enough bunk space in dry period and fresh period.  Dry cows  need about 36” of bunk                                 space per cow to keep from competing at the feed bunk and fresh cows 30”.
3.        Make sure dry and fresh cow rations are properly balanced and monitor intakes to make sure pens
are eating enough feed per day to avoid ketosis/fatty liver issues.
Reducing pen moves, providing adequate bunk space, and mixing the appropriate ration will contribute to a smooth transition and help herds stay profitable.

We recommend that all dogs be tested for heartworm during the months of April through June.  All dogs that test negative should be put on a once a month preventative medication throughout the year.  Please call to make an appointment at the clinic or ask a large animal veterinarian to do the test.

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