Because of recent reports of stolen or attempted theft of pets we thought we would post a previous blog of ours to help prevent pet theft. Also, there is vital information listed that you should know if your pet is ever lost or stolen. Please share. Thank you.

Faribault Veterinary Clinic

HELP! My dog has been stolen…
We hope you never have to say that.

sad dog

You may or may not be aware that there has been some reports of dog-nappings (& other attempts) in Faribault and the surrounding area for a couple of weeks now.  The ugly trade of pet theft is a serious problem. It is an organized, high dollar business that lurks in shadows and goes unnoticed until it strikes your community, your home, your pet. Protecting your dog takes due diligence.

Why are pets stolen? Besides being sold to research labs (which isn’t as common anymore) or pet stores, they are used in bait and for dog fighting rings, in puppy mills to breeders, for fur, as breeding partners for dogs, and by sadistic individuals.

sad dog2Pet theft prevention tips:
1. Pets should WEAR TAGS at all times. Rabies and/or license/registration tags are required by law in most towns.

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