Coggins and Vaccination Clinic

April 8th 2017, 1-3 pm

Rice County Fairgrounds


The Faribault Veterinary Clinic would like to invite you to attend a vaccination and coggins clinic to be held on Saturday April 8th, 1-3 pm at the Rice County Fairgrounds.  Dr. Jesse Sandbulte will be on site to collect blood samples at a reduced rate for Coggins test and to vaccinate your horses.  The Coggins test is ran to screen for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), a viral blood disease.  A negative Coggins test is mandatory if you are going to shows, public trail rides, any exhibition within the state, and for crossing the state line for any reason.

Due to the number of horses and time allowed, only vaccinations and Coggins will be performed.  Any other services, such as exams, worming, or dental work will need to be set up by calling our office.  WITH THE SPECIAL RATES, WE ARE ASKING THAT ALL SERVICES BE PAID FOR AT THE TIME PERFORMED.  We will be accepting cash, checks, and credit cards on site. You may also pre-pay at the clinic.

Pre-Register:  Pre-registering would be appreciated if you are able. You may do this by mailing in your Coggin’s Clinic insert form, or by calling or emailing us to let us know what you would like done.  Please have all pre-registration in no later than April 6th.  Of course anyone is welcome and pre-registering is not required.  By pre-registering we are hoping we will be more prepared and able to get to everyone even faster.

Mark your calendar for April 8th, 2017 and we’ll see you there rain or shine!

Special Rates: (Note: These prices are veterinarian administer prices. Most vaccines are      available for dispensing as well.)

Coggins Test:       $28       West Nile Combo:   $39        West Nile Only: $26.50

Potomac/Rabies:  $28        Influenza/Rhino:     $29       Strangles:           $31

Potomac Only:     $24           Rabies Only:           $18

  • West Nile Combo consists of West Nile, Eastern &

Western Encephalitis, and Tetanus.  We do not use a

Combo that also includes Rhino or Flu. We have seen

to many horses experience an adverse reaction when

all of the viruses are combined into one vaccination.



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