mothers day

Happy Spring! We would like to thank all of our hard working mom’s out there for all that they do! I have seen many of you have been busy in the fields, but don’t let your livestock work fall behind. Now is the time to start treating for flies with ear tags or feed additives. Another spring time chore is to vaccinate for pinkeye. This helps prevent and control ocular lesions cause by Moraxella bovis. Those animals going out on pasture are most susceptible. Just call into the clinic to place your order with Nicole or Heidi. We need the number of animals you plan to treat.

Feed directives will be mandatory for antibiotic use in feed and water come January 2017. This will require us to write a script to your feed mill for such use. The medications are only being allowed for the specific duration listed by the drug manufacturer. Medications are to be used for treatment and prevention of specific aliments. Medications used to treat for Coccidia are not included in this new regulation. At this time there is absolutely no off label use. These scripts will be sent electronically to your feed mill. A copy may also be sent to you for your records. You will also have access to all of your script records through the internet site we will be using at, We will have more information later on how to set up your account. In the mean time we would like to start getting everybody’s info so that we are prepared when the scripts are required. What we need is your email, the best phone number to get a hold of you, and what feed mill you use. Please click on this link, Veterinary Feed Directive Form, to access the feed directive form. Follow the directions on how to access the form and print out the pdf.  Once you have filled it out you can send it pack via email at or fax back to (507) 334-8995.


Please join us on May 10th at the Faribault Trucker’s Inn at noon to enjoy a free lunch buffet and learn how Longrange can improve your cattle production. LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin) is the first extended-release injection that delivers up to 150 days of parasite control in a single dose. Thanks to its unique THERAPHASE™ formulation, a single treatment works long enough to break the parasite life cycle and reduce pasture reinfection. And that’s something conventional dewormers just can’t match. Please RSVP to the Faribault Veterinary Clinic with the number attending by Sat. 5/7/16 before 12:00 pm. Space is limited. (507) 334-2068 or Hope to see you there!



Early note: The Herdsman Lunch for Dairy month and for our appreciation this year is on Wednesday, June 29th from 11am – 2pm. Mark Smith with MWI will be grilling for us this year. We will also have other reps. from some of our drug companies here as well. So bring your questions because they’ll be here to answer them for you.