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November 2014

It is that time of year again – dehorning and castrating, now that the pesky flies have (mostly) vacated the premises. Are you tired of pushing calves into the chute? Are you ready for a more relaxed experience? Sedation may be just what you would like to try. We use a sedative called Rompun (xylazine) to “knock” calves out so they can be castrated and dehorned with less noise and pain (if using lidocaine to do nerve blocks).

Heidi and Kristi have been working on their catch and release skills to give the initial injection – just think of them as your dart gun! Once the animal has slowed down they can be given another injection if necessary to lay them down. Once lying down they can be castrated, dehorned, wormed, given vaccines, and checked for extra teats. This leaves you with time to comment on their skills (or lack of)! Or if you have better things to do than watch them you can leave once they have the animals sedated.

Kristi would like to develop a plan where she would travel one day a month and sedate and dehorn calves that are less than 3 months, please contact the clinic if you have any interest in this!

As always we will still be doing our traditional method of dehorning and castrating too.


Don’t forget your fall Eprinex for deworming all of your cattle. We once again have a great special. So, give us a call to get your order in.

A special note: When you need to have a veterinarian come out to your farm please call Nicole or Heidi at the clinic. Unfortunately the doctors do not always know their schedules from one call to the next. Which can happen due to emergency calls or calls coming in at different times. Thank you in advance. This will save time and headache for everyone.

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